Virgo Ventures

Virgo Ventures was born to invest and accelerate innovative projects and startups with the aim of boosting our business and improving the experience of our stakeholders.

Virgo’s Venture Capital strategy is based on three pillars


Startups that are able to provide services for our businesses and stakeholders and, by being more integrated to Virgo, to improve our clients’ experience and to take advantage of our ecosystem, relationships and data.


Startups that are able to simplify the journey of our stakeholders in capital market, in a way to simplify capital access, simple as Amazon’s “one click”


New ways to access capital that can be integrated into Virgo's platform. Especially P2P Lending solutions, crowdfunding, collective investment, and tokens

Our ecosystem

A universal registration solution that aims to enable more deals among your customers


Crowdfunding for real estate companies


Management software for receivables from subdivisions and solutions for access to capital


Technology and experts gathered to originate and structure the best investment opportunities in the real estate sector


On the media


We are always looking for entrepreneurs and innovative projects that seek to revolutionize the capital market with us!